(VIDEO) 3 Huskies Are Left Home Alone. When a Hidden Camera Captures Their Antics? Beyond Comical!

huskies left alone

Pets seem to have their own secret life when we're not at home. Do you ever wonder what exactly they do all day? Maybe they're secret doggy agents that go on spy adventures or maybe the can secretly talk like humans!

The possibilities are endless for a pooch with a house all to himself! LOL!

Well, when three adorable Huskies get left home alone one day, insanity ensues. Their owner placed a hidden camera while he was away and captured the silly antics of these three furry pals.

When you see all the things they do and trouble they fall into, you won't be able to stop laughing!

Watch these three Huskies get intro some trouble at home when their owner captures their behavior on a hidden camera on the next page!

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