(VIDEO) Wait Until You See How This Pug Reacts to a Fart Machine – I Can’t Stop Laughing!

pug's attack move

Often times pugs love investigating their surroundings and are eager to figure out what a strange object is, especially if they've never seen it before. Some pugs may be afraid of everything whereas other pugs won't allow anything to phase them. It all depends on the pug and what the object is.

When a pug does get enough nerve to get closer and closer to the foreign object, how will he respond?! In the video Grimley the pug isn't sure what to think of this weird machine. And how he responds is too funny.

Do you blame him? If you were a pug how would you respond to a fart machine?! At first, you may just slowly walk over to it, not sure what it is but curious enough to take a look.

Then you may keep inching closer — unless it makes threatening noises! This is how Grimley the pug looks at first before he moves in for a closer look:

pug and fart machine

To find out what happens next and how Grimley continues his fart machine investigation, visit the next page.

How Grimley the pug responds is hilarious!

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