Adorable Pug Knows it’s Time it is for a… Watch How He Acts, it’s Hilarious!

pug staring at mom

Dogs have a sense of time, and they're not afraid to remind you of the most important moments of the day. They always seem to know when it's snack time, or play time and even bath time! LOL!

Matter of fact, Louie the pug will amaze you with his smarts! He exactly knows what time it is during this video. He has a special way of letting his owner know too! You'll be amazed at how he reacts when he knows what it's time for. It's very apparent that this pug doesn't need an alarm clock! LOL!

Find out what time it is with this helpful pug and if I were his owner, I don't think I'd forget again. You can never be late with Louie the pug on your side! Haha!

Watch how Louie the pug tells his owner what time it is and what exactly he wants at this certain time. Watch the video after the break and laugh along with us!

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