What it’s Really Like to Live With a Pug…

living with a pug featured

Let’s start with the facts that everyone knows: The Pug is a precious breed of dog with large, glossy eyes, a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and a cute curled tail. A pug's coat can be fine, almost glossy and – well – what color do you want? Black, tan, brown…? And a pug is also a compact, some would say small, dog with a squared body and it is pretty muscular for its size!

We mostly love our pugs for their temperament. One minute they can be attentive and charming. The next they are clever and docile to the point of tears.

Then suddenly they are playful and sociable! Okay, sporadically they are stubborn and needy and often they want to show you who is boss – but that is what it is like to live with a pug!

Don’t believe us?

Go on over to the next page and take in the humor that is all about our beloved pugs and why we love and occasionally are perturbed by these wonderful beasts!

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