Common Skin Conditions in Pugs We Need to be Aware Of

pug smiling in grass


Those of us who have ever had a pug in our life know that the little keepers are adorable and sassy. They look up at you with those big round eyes inquisitively, as if constantly questioning your advice or opinions.

But there is so much love in their hearts we can forgive them their curious snorts, grunts, whines and barks. It is all a part of what a pug is and we kind of love them for all their quirks!

Then there are the skin problems!

They are common to a pug and it is in their and your best interests to know exactly what it is you are facing should you be tempted to adopt one of these adorable charmers. And, if you already have one or two, you may just need an update as to what exactly that rash was Puggy got through last week!

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