Revealing the Real Reason Dogs Sigh…

pug staring with big eyes

It’s a precious sight.

You are sitting on the sofa, curled up with a good book and gazing at a lovely roaring fire in the hearth. Your best friend, the pooch of your dreams, is also lounging, possibly in his dog bed, and all seems right with the world.

Then suddenly he sighs.

You look over and wonder: Is that a sigh of contentment or is Fido unhappy? Is he relaxed and sighing to denote comfort or is something wrong? Could he be sick?

The American Kennel Club tells us a dog’s sigh could really be anything. It just depends on the context of the sigh.

Apparently, if a dog’s sigh is combined with half-closed eyes, it means the pooch is feeling pleasure. However, if the eyes are fully open, it could mean disappointment. And that's not all either. A dog's sigh is actually quite fascinating!

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