(Video) Doxie Does THIS Hilarious Movement to Tell Doggy Friend it’s Time to Play – Too Darn Funny!


Picture this as a new mid-season TV series: Take one hyperactive Dachshund and one laid back Doberman Pinscher, give them pillow beds and access to a big room…

Okay, while you may have a really funny TV treatment ready to go what we have here is a short but fun video featuring this winning twosome acting their parts!

In reality, Doxie simply wants to play but her BFF, Dobie, just wants to nap! She tries everything, even putting her rump in his face, but it does little good. Sure, he’ll play but he’s going to lay down as he does it. She is the one doing all the work!

Sounds a little odd? After the break, go on over to the next page and watch this charming twosome. They really are a wonderful pair and once you start watching you can’t stop!

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