Cute Scruffy Doggy Goes Viral by Showing off a Variety of Fun Facial Expressions


If given the opportunity, most dog owners would give anything to be able to talk with their furbabies. We do our best to try and interpret our dogs' head tilts, tail movement and whines, but we wish we could directly talk to them. We want to give them more food if they're starving, take them for a walk if they need to go potty and provide them with medical attention if they're not feeling well.

While the English language may not be the way humans and dogs can interact, one dog, called Bacon, has shown us a new and hilarious method of communication: facial expressions! You'll soon find out he lives up to his fun-loving name!

Not only does he have a variety of facial expressions, but he's able to connect with humans on another level by sharing many of the same facial contortions. You'll start to wonder if Bacon was a human in his previous life!

Click to the next page to see an endless supply of facial expressions from Bacon! He will immediately brighten up any dull and boring day!

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