Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your Pooch to Eat Bugs – Some Can Actually Harm Them!

dog sniffing worm

Uh-oh! Looks like your pooch swallowed a bug! While it may not appear to be too dangerous to let your pup eat a seemingly tasty bug, sometimes it can actually be harmful to him.

Eating a bug might lead to him getting stung, an upset stomach, or a severe allergic reaction! I know that it can be hard to always watch your pup and make sure he doesn't have any bugs for dinner, but you might just save your doggy's life!

Whereas it's rare for a dog to swallow a bug that's dangerous, you should brush up on what bugs are in your area and if any of them can be harmful to your pooch. Also checking out the list on the next page will point you in the right direction and help you become more watchful.

Here are some harmful insects to watch out for and other helpful information to make sure your doggy snaps out of that bug eating habit!

Find out why letting your doggy eat a bug can be dangerous to his health and what bugs to look out for on the next page.

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