(Video) This Pug Really Knows How to Rap to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and I Can’t Stop Laughing!

rapping pug

If your dog entered a talent show, what would he do to win it? I'm sure there's a collection of tricks he would master with perfect precision and personality. While it would keep us entertained and get plenty of impressed ‘awws' from the crowd, we're not sure he would beat rapping Rosie.

However, we have to point that Rosie has some help. She has showbiz talent running through her veins thanks to her ultra famous dad, Frank the Pug from Men in Black. It's something that simply can't be learned.

But she's decided to diverge from her dad's path and instead, takes his talking abilities to the next level by rapping her own version of the infamous ‘Ice Ice Baby'.

Head over to the next page to watch this pug perform his own rendition of ‘Ice Ice Baby'! You'll particularly love what happens at 0:41 and 1:39! It's clear she would win any talent show!

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