Eleven Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing Now

Everyone has everyday annoyances that can drive them crazy. It may be as simple as your significant other not picking up his clothes after you've asked him a few times to do it already. Or perhaps a friend likes to bring up a sore subject when you asked them not to. Luckily for us when something is driving us nuts we can speak up about it before it goes too far.

However, for dogs… they have a harder time letting us know when they're annoyed. If you were a dog how would you feel if someone was bugging you but you couldn't do anything about it? Frustrated, I'm sure!

That's why it's important as a doggy parent to pay attention to your pooch's non-verbal communication. Although, even if you think you know what's going on and what Fido is trying to tell you, that may not be it. 

It’s time that you changed that.

Think about it. Are you giving your dog mixed messages? For example, if you are telling him that he can't have people food but then you go ahead and sneak a few food items under the table when no one is looking, that's giving him mixed messages. Why? Because now he may think he can have people food all of the time, which can confuse the heck out of him!

It’s time to learn the actions you're doing that your doggy hates.

After the break, learn about one behavior, in particular, that confuses your doggy A LOT. Later, you’ll learn even more practices that you're doing that you need to STOP DOING IMMEDIATELY.

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