(VIDEO) Shelter Dog Went Viral for Crying. Now Watch Him Meet His Forever Home Humans for the First Time.

juice home

Meet Juice! After a video of him crying in the shelter went viral, people were determined to find him a forever home. After months of searching and waiting, Juice can finally have a place to call home forever!

You'll get to see the before and after of Juice's transition to his new home. No more crying for this adorable Pitbull!

Get ready to fall completely in love with this sweet Pit as you see him smile wide when he meets his new parents. He is so happy and full of life!

You may also wonder why Juice spent so much time at an animal shelter without a real home. He's a reminder to us all that all pups need some love!

Watch Juice's reaction to finding his new forever home on the next page! This is so touching!

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