Everything There is to Learn About a Dog’s Anal Glands

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Even though we love our pooches, there are some things we'd rather not think about and much less speak about. A few examples are when Fido throws up or has anal gland problems. However, even if it's not fun to think or talk about these topics, it's important to learn about a doggy so that you'll know what's going on if and when there are issues.

Today we'll be talking about a dog's anal glands. Yes, dogs have anal glands, and while it's not the most exciting fact, it's still true. It's something that not many people know about but that's okay, we're about to tell you more about your dog's anal glands and how you can keep them healthy.

If you're wondering why a dog has anal glands in the first place, there are mixed opinions on the matter. Some think that the excretion from the anal gland acts as a territorial scent marker since the sacs excrete the fluid when a dog has a bowel movement. It's important to take note that a dog with a poor diet can cause the sac to have problems.

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to be near your dog when he shoots his glands, then the explanation on the next page will help you understand the horrible smell. Ha ha. There are no “butts” about it, let's begin!

After the break find out everything you need to know about your doggy's anal glands and how to keep your dog (and his glands) healthy. 

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