(Video) Cute Corgi Relaxes With a Float in the Ocean

Corgi Float

Most of us love a great day at the beach, sunning ourselves healthy and taking a nice cool dip in the ocean water. If we feel this way is there any wonder why our pets may feel that same sense of fun and leisure?

BeeBee the Corgi is a pup that loves to feel the sand under paws and between her toes – and she loves to float about in the water whenever the opportunity presents itself. What, you think this precious pup might be afraid? Not at all!

On the next page, we urge you to watch a brave Corgi as she floats feet up, in the ocean!

She is just relaxing and floating and, they tell us the video on the next page is her first time at the beach! A surprise to us because she appears so at ease! Go take a look!

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