Find Out Why a New Study Shows That Doggy Parents Are Making the Internet a Sweeter, Cuddlier Place!


No one has to tell us that our doggie is cute and cuddly. We know! He’s also playful, full of personality, and should have his or her own TV show!

However, even though the television show producers are not breaking down our door to get to Spot, Rover or Max we can still tell the public about our pup's day to day events. Because we all know Bear would have a fan following if everyone could just see his antics!

This is where the Internet plays a big part in showing the world your little love muffin! We can post photos on Facebook, videos on YouTube and there are so many other media outlets! Including blogs like Pup Fans!

After the break find out why a new study shows that pup parents are making the internet a much better place!

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