14 Things Only Dog Owners Understand




When you have a dog, there are transitions that must be made. You no longer live in a single family home – it’s a single family home “plus the dog.”

Oh, you may tell us we are wrong because your pooch is part of the family and whatever changes that need to be made are not all that significant. You are fooling yourself. They may be small changes, but that is unlikely!

The point is, the changes you make are things to make you, your family, and your dog’s life more comfortable – even if it is putting a special blanket on the sofa to catch all the dog hair!

It isn’t that we are not prepared to accept the change that has come over our lives, but there are times we forget ourselves.

It can be rather funny to others when they look at your picture wall and see three photos of the dog and only one of your Mother!

After the break go over to the next page and look at the fourteen things only dog owners understand. We are a breed apart from our friends without dogs!

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