(Video) These Scary Pugs Made Everyone Shiver With Terror. They Were THAT Scary!


Wait a minute! Isn’t the time for wearing costumes over? Isn’t the October fright fest over and done with?

Happily, while Halloween may be over, there are still those pooches out there that are dying to show off their Halloween outfits! What can they do, you may ask? They wore fantastic costumes and kept a seriously unique spooky spirit!

Costume wearing isn’t, they say, just for October. A Cos-Player will tell you that any event can be made happier and more fun with a creative costume – especially if it’s super cute or even super spooky!

Don’t believe it? Watch as, on the following page; we show you these precious Pugs – four costume wearing cuties – which will scare you, warm your heart and make you wish October 31st was not over!

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