(VIDEO) When This Mom Tells Her Pups to Cool it, Watch How They Respond. PRICELESS!

mom with playful puppies


Cocoa is a twin and while her brother, Chauncey, is calm and even a bit timid, Cocoa is pretty much all over the place. Sometimes this can be a sweet trait, a playful puppy, but it can also be a pain for the puppy’s ever-patient mom, Moxie.

When Mom wants nothing more than to relax after a long day of taking care of the kids, fussing and nursing the five week old pups, Cocoa wants to growl, jump and play!

What does a harried Mom do with such a puppy? Well, it would be nice to hand her over to athletic Dad, Angus, but he can only be found outside. And this suddenly brings on a great idea. It’s time for the puppies to be introduced to the great outdoors!

After discover how her plan works and if Angus can step up to the plate and handle his two twins!

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