He Was Born Different and Grew up Fearing People, But Now Everyone Around the World Loves Him


After learning his story, you'll never again associate Quasimodo with the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Take a look:

It's heartbreaking to hear that Quasi was homeless at one point. He knew that people kept their distance from him so he became afraid and untrustworthy of humans. All he needed was a little love and for someone to hold his food bowl for him! He even plays with all of his doggy friends as if nothing were different about him. At 3:03, his foster mom said that those interested in adopting Quasi should instead go to a shelter and find a dog who's the perfect match for them. I loved seeing Quasi reach out his paw at that moment as if he were agreeing with her! Quasi is a reminder that we should embrace each other's differences and to never judge a book by its cover.

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