(VIDEO) Bulldog Wants to Help His Pug Friend Stay Clean. Now Watch Just How Clean He Wants Him to Be! LOL!

pug friends

It's bath time for one lucky Pug! LOL! However, he's in for a surprise this time! LOL! His bulldog friend wants to clean him up himself!

When you see just how clean he wants his Pug friend to be, you'll totally lose it! LOL! This is one adorable bath time video!

However, it seems that this Pug is totally fine with his friend giving him the bath. It sure beats having to deal with cold water and an excess of bubbles! LOL!

Seriously, this is the cutest thing you will see! Make your day even better with this doggy bath time video.

Watch what happens when this adorable Bulldog decides to give his Pug friend a bath on the next page.

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