How Doggy Booties Can Help Protect a Pooch’s Paws

pug in boots

We have to be perfectly honest. The very idea of dog shoes or booties, at one time, seemed silly to us. Dogs have been on this earth for longer than we can imagine and have managed to get along without protective footwear. Why consider them such a thing now?

Then… we were shown modern day photos of what can happen to our poor dog's paws when they are exposed to extreme conditions, how raw and sore they can get when faced with the burn of a hot pavement or the sting of an icy road. Sometimes those tough paw-pads are not enough.

Oh, and to top it off, a personal experience kicked in. Just recently we’ve moved from our home in Southern California into a colder part of the United States. We have been experiencing snow and ice over the past weeks – something very new to us – and have noticed our pooch licking his paws. While they are not discolored, Max’s paws are obviously bothering him. It was suggested that the salt thrown on our walking paths may be the cause!

So yes, we have been researching doggie booties and have come up with some interesting ideas! Over on the next page, we have learned a few things that you too may find interesting! Take a look!

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