(Video) Pug Has a Secret Agenda When Dad Leaves. Now Watch These EPIC Pug Moves Unfold!

pug dancing

Do you ever wonder what your doggies do when you leave the house? I mean, they have full access to the entire house and no one is there to stop them! LOL!

I know what I enjoy doing. When my significant other leaves I love to watch a good movie and maybe eat some popcorn. It's nice to have a “secret” party while he's away!

In the same way, we have to wonder what our pooches are up to when we leave.

Well, you'll get a clue into what a doggy gets himself into in this video. After his dad leaves for the day, the cameras catch him doing something hilarious! What could this cute little Pug be up to?

What could this cute little Pug be up to? You need to watch and get ready for a good laugh.

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