5 Dog Breeds That are Okay Living in a Warmer Climate

whippet puppy

Just like some humans don't like living in a hot climate, the same goes for dogs. The difference is some people can tolerate living in a hot state whereas not all dogs can deal with the heat. Luckily many dog breeds are okay living in warmer climates.

These dog breeds are better at tolerating the heat because of their shorter coats and energy level. On the next page, you'll learn about five dog breeds in particular that make ideal pets easier to own in warm climates. Naturally pooches that are fast and are good at hunting are okay dealing with the heat.

If you would like to own a dog, that's not suited for warmer weather don't disqualify that breed altogether. You just may need to limit their activity and take extra precautions during the hotter months.

Learn about some dog breeds that do well in the heat and why that is so on the next page.

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