If a Dog is Itchy or Wheezy Read THIS

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We all know the misery of allergies. When spring and summer arrive most of us are happy to see the end of cold weather and lovely things growing on the newly warmed earth… except for allergy sufferers, man, and beast alike.

Oh yes, our dogs can also suffer during the warmer weather; rashes, sneezing, watery eyes, and if they live in states like California or Florida that suffering is often during most of the year!

We are talking environmental allergies here but be careful. If Spot is a year-round allergy sufferer, it may be his diet over environmental conditions. Check with a vet to be safe.

Other signs of allergies in your dog are an itch-scratch cycle, skin becoming inflamed (tender to the touch), hair loss, open sores and scabbing. In other words, your baby is feeling pain!

After the break read about how you can help your pet with seasonal allergies!

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