Intriguing Dog Study Offers Clues as to Why a Dog’s Tail Loses its Wag

Doggy Tail

What is a dog without his wag? A tail-wag indicates excitement and happiness in a pup and is as much a part of a dog as his ears, nose and impressive fur coat!

How sad if such a thing was taken away from our beloved pet!

The illness that stops a dog from wagging his tail is called “limber tail.” Thankfully, it is not a small canine disease – so your lap dog is safe. However, larger working dogs tend to get the illness, causing the tail to become limp and painful.

A study at the University of Edinburgh studied eighty-six dogs, thirty-eight with a case of limber tail. They wanted to know why some dogs are affected and other are not.

The results of those test are over on the following page and they are rather intriguing!

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