[VIDEO] This French Bulldog Puppy is the Sweetest Surprise EVER!

French Bulldog puppy surprise

Surprise, surprise! Looks like a sleeping lady is about to get the cutest gift in the world! Watch her wake up to find a little bundle of joy hiding under the covers. It's a puppy!

When she receives her wiggly gift, she's so shocked and happy. It's almost hard to believe she wasn't still dreaming.

Lucky for her, feeling her new puppy's wet nose tickle her face is all the proof she needs! It's true — this little French Bulldog pup just became a part of the nicest family.

These two are really lucky to have each other. Look at how sweet these puppy is! They're bound to have many more happy moments together as a new family. I wonder what they named this cute Frenchie — whatever it is it's probably adorable!

Watch what happens between a new pet mom and her baby French Bulldog after the break!

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