If You’re Allergic to Dogs You Should Check Out This Hypoallergenic Dog Breed List!

Maltese dog

Being allergic to dogs is no fun, especially if you want a furry friend of your own. You wish to adopt a pooch, but every time you're around them you can't help but sneeze and later break out in hives!

Believe it or not, what you're experiencing may not happen around all dogs. There are hypoallergenic dog breeds that exist that don't trigger people's allergies. To see if you're not allergic to these breeds, you can visit a breeder and spend time around the puppies or visit a shelter and see if you can take the hypoallergenic dog that you're interested in out on a walk.

For people with allergies it's not the dog they're allergic to, but their saliva. When dogs lick their fur or playfully nip at your hand, this can transfer to you, making you sneeze and have other allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic pooches cause less of a reaction and for some, they will have zero allergies.

Want to see a list of pooches that are hypoallergenic? You'll be surprised to discover there are quite a few!

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