Man Discovers 5 Abandoned Puppies, Later Realizes They’re Something Totally Different


We read or see stories all of the time about how some less than decent person dumps kittens or puppies on the side of the road. It is always disappointing, hearing these stories, but then someone sees the abandoned babies and decides they are going to do something about it.

They pick them up and take them to the nearest vet or shelter. It’s a great and pro-active thing to do, giving the critters a second chance at life. Perhaps someone will adopt one or all of them! That would be incredible!

Yet, the kindhearted animal lover on the next page – with all of the best intentions – was more than surprised when the cute puppies he found on the side of the road turned out to be something completely unexpected!

What is even more interesting is what he and another decided to do with the litter – and what a terrific ending there this heart-warming story!

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