(Video) No One Wanted this Elderly Shelter Dog Until He Showed Up and Gained a Best Friend

stella loyal dog

Who is your best friend? We all are fortunate enough to have caring people in our lives that make us feel supported and loved. Our best friend might be a family member or someone we've known since we were young.

Still, others would give their fur baby the honored title of best friend. I'd like to think my dog views me the same way. When I consider it, I actually spend more time with him than I do with any human!

It's heart-warming to know that we happily provide our furry best friends a life of full of treats, toys, and adventure. This man did the same thing when he walked into a shelter and saved the life of an elderly dog named Stella. Not only did Stella gain a family, but her adopter was given a best friend. Their life together is one that inspires us to adopt and not shop.

After the break, watch how Stella's life was changed when her future best friend showed up to save her! You'll love what happens at 2:23!

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