Dogs Make the BEST Roommates — Just Watch The Part at 1:23! LOL!

doggy roommate

Why, you may ask are doggies the best roommates ever? Because they can help you mop the floor! Okay, not really, but one dog tries to clean the floor early on in the video — just watch it unfold on the next page. LOL!

There's also the fact that pooches love to keep up with their chores. Yep, they'll eat your table scraps, knock over that game (which really means they were picking it up for you), and even hiding your shoes outdoors. See — they have their version of chores that you don't even know about! 😉

And then, of course, Fido also LOVES to give you back massages. Just lay on the floor and tada! Your doggy will likely step all over your back, giving you a natural back massage. Ahh — doesn't that feel amazing?!

Discover more ways your doggy is being the perfect roommate after the break. You know you love him!

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