Mr. Pepper Thinks it’s Play Time. Patrick Says NO.

The video you're about to see starts out sweet. You see Mr. Pepper, a super cute Doxie sleeping, eyes half open, on his feline friend. Well, that doesn't last long! Once the Dachshund pup wakes up more, he doesn't want to be alone! All he wants to do is play! So he decides to wake up the cat to play with him and it's pretty funny.

Slowly but surely the cat wakes up, but she doesn't look too thrilled about it. In fact, you'll have to see how she responds at the end of the video. It's great that these two get along, but hilarious that this pup is bound and determined to play right away!

After the break, you'll see this adorable Doxie wake up Patrick the cat in a funny way. Enjoy!

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