Who’s More Excited About This Pug’s Outfit? The Owners or the Pug?! LOL – YOU Decide!

Bella the pug

AWW! Our doggies can totally pull off the outfits we buy them. They look like adorable little fur people, right? LOL! Not all of them like wearing doggy outfits, but there are the rare few that actually do…

Well, this playful pug loves showing off her stylish clothes! In this video, you'll meet Bella, the pug as you get to watch her strut around in her new dress and shoes!

She may seem pretty excited about her new threads, but it sounds like her owners are just as excited too!

Don't miss out on Bella's fashion show! Her itty bitty doggy shoes are so cute too! There's no doubt about it; this little pug is a fashionista for all pugs!

You be the judge and decide who's more happy about this pug's new clothes — Bella or her owners?

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