Pug and Another Dog ‘Communicate’ in a Hilarious Fashion – Screaming and Barking?!

communicating pug

Dogs have a funny way of communicating with one other. If they're not sniffing each other's tails to say hello, they're running around together chasing squirrels in the park. LOL!

Some dogs get caught up barking away at each other. It's hilarious to listen to them sometimes. It's like they have their own doggy language. Who knows what they're saying to each other?!

Well, one Pug loves to talk to his doggy friend on today's video in a unique way. This Pug can't really bark right, but that doesn't stop them from communicating. LOL!

What this talkative Pug does instead of barking is scream at the top of his doggy lungs at his doggy friend! It's not that he's mad; he's just deserate to “talk.” LOL! Watch and listen to him! It's so funny!

Watch how this pug screams to communicate with his barking dog friend on the next page. Your must see this convo in action!

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