When a Puppy Interacts with a German Shepherd You’ll Never Guess the Older Dog’s Reaction

German Shepherd and puppy

There's no doubt about it, there's a special bond that happens between a mother and her child. And even if you haven't given birth, you may find yourself connecting to a niece, nephew, and of course, your fur baby. The truth is that many of us are caring and go out of our way to be there for the young, especially if they're one of our own.

The same applies to dogs and puppies. There are the occasional dogs that get jealous of the new pup in the house and may resort to sulking and not acting nicely towards the puppy. But then there are other dogs that go out of their way to make a new puppy feel welcome, like the German Shepherd in this video.

It's super sweet how he acts towards the new German Shepherd puppy in the house — he starts licking her! It's the most delightful thing ever.

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