Pug Feels He Needs to Attack His Water Bottle Toy by Barking? Adorable!

pug attacking a water bottle

We all know that dogs can be easily entertained by just about anything. They also love barking at almost everything in their path!

They probably think a flower might attack them or a piece of trash would fight them too. LOL!

The feisty pug on today's video thinks that a water bottle is his mortal enemy. You'll laugh so much while you watch him battle against what he thinks to be the most dangerous water bottle in the world!

This pug is absolutely hilarious! He just doesn't want to back down from this fight. You'll see how much he barks at his toy water bottle! LOL! He's having so much fun, and it's entertaining and adorable at the same time.

Watch what happens when this feisty pug attacks his toy water bottle on the next page. You just never know – the water bottle may attack back! LOL!

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