Pug Imitates the Sound of a… Blender?! This is SO Hilarious I Can’t Stop Laughing!

pug near blender

If you have a pooch who loves to be the center of attention, you know how much they love showing off to their humans and friends. A dog's antics are what make us laugh and put a smile on our faces daily, especially when we're having a bad day!

On today's video, meet a Pug who is hanging out in the kitchen watching Mom. All of a sudden his ears perk up when he hears a funny sound.

Unlike most doggies who would usually run away, this pooch does something hilarious when he hears this sound!

The blender (which is where the sound is coming from) isn't scaring this Pug at all. In fact, it does the opposite!

It's hard to believe how this Pug respond when the blender goes off. When you see what this Pug does, this video will go on your Favorite's list on YouTube (it's already on mine, haha)!

Discover what makes this Pug act so adorable and funny simultaneously when he hears a blender. Trust me, the video on the next page will get you laughing non-stop — it's SO funny! 

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