(Video) This Toddler Really Loves to Hula Hoop. When She Invites Her Furry Friend to Join Her? This is Priceless!

hula dog and little girl

When you're growing up, and you have a furry best friend by your side, there's nothing you two won't do! LOL!

You probably played together, ate together and even napped together! Lots of good times are stored away in your memory bank, right? Plus, hopefully, you have lots of sweet photos and videos too!

One little girl has that very special bond with her giant pooch. However, their favorite activity is hula hooping! LOL! Yes!

When you see how this tiny tot gets her gentle pup to hula with her, your heart will melt. These two have the cutest relationship ever.

Just wait until you see the doggy wearing that actual hula hoop! LOL! It's a sight to see, trust me!

Watch how a tiny toddler shows her giant pup how to hula hoop on this adorable video on the next page!

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