Pug’s Hilarious Reaction to Action Movie Will Have You Saying “OMG!”

pug's reaction to action movie

Action movies can be scary, huh? You know the scene where the bad guys sneak up on the good guys, and there's a huge car chase on the freeway?! Yeah, during that scene you have to find someone to hold onto! LOL!

Wilson, the pug, doesn't quite know how to handle intense scenes while watching Hollywood Homicide. At first, it appears he's rather into the movie as he sits casually on his owner's bed. However, soon after when the crazy action scene begins all hell breaks lose. And with this crazy scene Wilson breaks lose too!

This funny pug starts barking hysterically at the screen as he tries to warn the good guys frantically that danger is coming. When that doesn't work, he darts around on the bed. This scene is just too intense, and he's not sure how to take it! Since the bad guys clearly aren't stopping, Wilson does what needs to be done: jump off the bed to safely!

LOL, watch this cute pug react to the crazy action scenes on a YouTube video on the next page.

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