Pug’s Reaction to an iPhone is One You’ve NEVER Seen Before, Guaranteed!

pug hates the iPhone

Doggies can be a bit temperamental when it comes to certain things. They have different reactions to toys, people, food and noise and usually they either hate or love these things. It's pretty obvious right away! LOL!

Well, the pug you'll meet on today's video certainly has an opinion on the iPhone! LOL! You won't believe how this pug reacts when his owner shows him the newest edition of the iPhone.

It's so hilarious!

Will he hate it? Will he absolutely love it?

You'll never know until you watch! He'll completely surprise you!

Either way, it's clear to see that this pug knows a thing or two about the latest trends in technology!

How will this opinionated pug react to the new iPhone? Take a look and find out on the next page!

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