Dog Walking Rules You’re Probably Breaking

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Oh no! Is Fido barking like crazy at the nearby dog at the park again? Every dog has her own personality, but your pooch think she's the ultimate diva! If this sounds like your pup then you may want to consider some doggy training. Not every dog can correct behaviors like this, but it's better to try your hardest, right?

This is just one dog walking rule you may be breaking, in addition to others. Every dog owner has probably “forgotten” to pick up their pet's poop afterward. However, don't let that be you! If everyone did this then there'd be WAY too much poop where you're walking! Yuck!

Plus, in addition to picking up after your dog and making sure she's behaving while walking her, ask before you bring her up to another dog. Who knows, the other dog may not be friendly or your dog may not react to her well! It's better to be polite and ask rather than assume every dog is approachable.

Wanna learn about more dog rules you're breaking after the break?! Come on, you know you're not perfect! 😉

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