(VIDEO) This Pug Is Listening Intently to Dad. When You See THIS Head Tilt? OMG, Adorable!

Pug Tilt Head

Love and respect is all we can really ask from our fur friends – that and a little cooperation make for a harmonious household and relationship! How a puppy shows us this reverence is really up to them and you, as their human Mom and Dad!

Whatever the case, it’s tough to feel anger at a wrong deed when those big eyes look up at you with such adoration!

Hence, are times when a short video, in a span of less than a minute, immediately tug at our tender hearts. They are so cute, so sweet, and you cannot help sighing: “Awww!”

This is pretty much what you get over on the next page so if you really need a kick to your day, something to make you feel really happy and a bit sentimental, we strongly suggest you watch this video after the break and enjoy this adorable pooch and his dutiful stare!

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