The 10 Smallest Dogs in the World Are Surprising to Say the Least! #10 is a Breed I Didn’t Know About!

smaller dogs

Just as with humans, our dogs come in all types of shapes and sizes. They're all equally cute and lovable, perfect for different types of lifestyles.

For example, I have a Yorkie because I travel often and prefer to take him along for the ride. I'm sure you've seen someone carrying a bag that looks like a regular purse only to see that furry little head and big ears pop out of the top moments later. It's such an entrance!

Also, if you live in a city and can't offer as much space (both indoors and outdoors) for your pup, then a smaller dog will probably have a better quality of life than a larger dog. Although small dogs need their fair share of exercise, it's less demanding than large breeds.

In addition, don't underestimate the guard dog powers of small pups. They can be ferocious and protective over you and your home. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who has a small dog. I'm fairly sure their friends and family have to go through a screening process with that small doggy before being welcomed into the home.

Whether you're thinking about getting a smaller dog or are just curious to see the gamut of small breeds out there, head over to the next page! You probably haven't heard of #10 before!

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