Not Sure How to Bathe Your Pooch? Check Out These Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

bathing a pug

Bathing your pooch is a big chore, but it's necessary, especially if you don't get your doggy groomed regularly or groom her yourself. If your dog has not gotten used to having a bath yet, it's never too late to get her accustomed to the process.

Many owners put their dogs in the tub and bathe them there, but not every dog is used to the tub or will like that method. Depending on the size of your pooch, you can put her in a sink where you can reach her more easily and hold onto her better.

While you're bathing your pup, try to avoid getting shampoo or conditioner in her eyes and ears. Both areas are very sensitive to dogs and can cause them pain (just like a human) when they get soap in their eyes. You can look into buying shampoo that is eye irritant free, but it's still important to be careful while bathing your pooch.

If you have a pug, you should take extra time on her wrinkles and make sure they get clean. You can do this separately during her bath or at the same time; it's up to you. Your pug's wrinkles should regularly be cleaned though to prevent any infections or dryness from developing.

There are still more tips from ASPCA to learn about bathing your pooch, especially if you have a puppy. Head to the next page to read more!

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