Cute Doggy Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Kitten When it Comes to Getting on the Bed… Or Does He?!

dog and cat fighting

Doggies and kitties usually have a hard time being friends. They're opposites so naturally they don't get along! No matter how much time they spend together, sometimes they just won't become friends. LOL!

However, even though the kitty you'll “meet” today is as moody as can be, that doesn't stop a pup from trying to be friendly.

The adorable pooch is prepared to fight this kitty with love and kisses no matter how long it takes! He just wants to hop on to the bed with his cat friend! LOL!

Will this sly cat let him up for some cuddles or will this doggy have to give up? You just have to watch! It's too adorable!

Watch this cute doggy try and get his stubborn kitty friend to let him on the bed after the break!

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