The British Veterinary Association is Telling Dog Owners to Stop Buying Pugs and Bulldogs. Here’s Why:


Honestly, we do not like anyone telling us what breed of dog to love and adopt. What business is it of a professional, vet or not, to tell us to stop appreciating a pug or bulldog? Unfortunately, the more we read and listen, the more sense the dog specialist makes.

When we look back on photos of what the original pug and bulldog looked like, hundreds of years ago, the more we see how over-breeding has changed their look. And while they are cute or handsome in their current creation, with boxy bodies and smooshed-in-faces, their appearances produce some serious medical issues.

After the break go over to the next page and read what the British Veterinary Association is telling dog lovers and why we should consider not adopting or purchasing pugs and bulldogs! 

We know it is not something you may want to hear but it really is a good idea to take a look at their recommendations.

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