(Video) World’s Cutest Eater Shows Us All How to Drink a Milkshake!


There is always a sense of satisfaction whenever we feed our dogs and we see them happily munching on whatever it is we put in their bowl. When they finish we know they are healthy and content. Even the expressions on their faces, as they lick around their mouths, says: “Thanks, Mom (Dad), that was much appreciated!”

Often we think they are cute as they eat and drink, even if we have to admit our pooch may not be the best looking mutt in the canine kingdom.

But then we see a dog that really is a looker. We are talking about the type of doggie that appears on Little Cesar© advertisements and we have to wonder how it is they not only look cute but manage to eat cute too!

After the break go over to the next page and view an example of such a delightful dog! He’s gorgeous and we think he knows it! LOL!

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