The Only Thing That Wakes This English Bulldog up is a… Doorbell?!

English Bulldog sleeping

Meet Teddy, an English Bulldog, who loves to sleep. This pup just doesn't like to sleep…he REALLY enjoys sleeping. In fact, he likes to sleep SO much that he won't wake up for anyone. Both mom and dad try to wake him up but are not very successful. Teddy likes his doggy dreams way too much!

Then about five minutes later after a little bit of coaxing his mom finally gets him to semi-wake up, only to have him pass out at the end of the bed again. Oops — I guess that didn't work!

Finally when the pet parents really must get the show on the road they decide they have to resort to desperate measures. And the extreme measure just so happens to be a…doorbell! Yep, that's right, a doorbell.

Teddy, the English Bulldog, can't miss out on what's going on downstairs…but he is more than willing to miss out on anything as long as it doesn't involve the doorbell. LOL!

Hey, whatever gets a pup up, right? Watch this pooch sleep and sleep and then finally wake up on the next page.

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