The Scary Facts Surrounding Dog Flu and What You Can Do to Protect Your Pooch

sick Frenchie

When you think of the flu, you probably have an image of a sick day home from work: laying on the couch, sleeping on and off, trying to keep your temperature down. Maybe you’ve got excessive congestion and discomfort.

Well, the flu isn’t just for humans. And your puppy isn’t immune to this unfortunate virus! Dog flu is becoming a serious illness that is happening all over the country, and it is highly contagious, just like the human counterpart of the virus.

It can become fatal for canines if it goes untreated. So what is this strange new illness and how on earth can we protect our beloved furry friends from getting sick?

On the next page, here’s everything we need to know about dog flu, and what we can do to prevent, identify, and treat it.

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