(Video) He Has His Pup Leave the Dog Park Early, Now Listen to the Way She Howls Back at Him

Disturbed Pooch

Often, there is a method to a parent’s madness. We’ll take our young children to a park, have them play, run around, and do anything they want on a swing set because we know it will exhaust them.

When Mom has a favorite afternoon talk show of soap opera coming on TV there is nothing better than having the little one tucked away for a nap while you settle back with a warm cup of coffee and watch your show!

Believe it or not, this also works the same way with our pets, particularly the rambunctious dog! You drive him over to the dog park, let him run, then when the time comes you call him back so you can get home to watch the sporting event coming on TV in an hour.

We love our pooch but it often works better when he’s zonked out on the carpet while the game is on!

Only, what if the dog does not want to go home yet?

A great example of this comes in the video on the next page. Felony is a terrific white boxer but he becomes very vocal when Dad takes him home early from the dog park! Go check it out!

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