(VIDEO) This Crazy Pug on a Trampoline Has Us Dying of Laughter!

pug on trampoline

How do you burn a ton of energy when you feel like you're bursting at the seams? Most of us go to the gym, talk to a friend, or go for a hike and that usually does the trick.

It's the same way for a doggie — usually going on a walk with Mom or Dad helps or having a toy to chew on can also help. However, if you have a Pug that's a whole different story.

Why is that? Well, for the most part, Pugs have a ton of energy. And by a ton, we mean looking like a Tasmanian devil who is running around in circles! LOL!

It's SO funny and if you're not careful you may find that if your Pug isn't burning off enough energy, he may find something else to work on like toilet paper! Ha ha!

After the break meet a rambunctious Pug named Napolean who has a very unique way of getting some of his energy. You're not going to be able to stop laughing when you see this Pug in action! 

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